I noticed it when i want to install themes for the Hydra Project Management. Here’s a list of what i’ve tried :

  1. Upload to server using FTP Client -> Didn’twork
  2. Trying to CHMOD the directory to 777 using :
    1. ftp Client -> not working
    2. cpanel -> chmod fails miserably
    3. since my hosting didn’t provide shell for me, i use the cron option on cpanel … after several tries .. its still failed
  3. sleep it a day …
  4. doing above again all over -> still not working
  5. then i hit google, after several minutes i hit these mambo forum that there’s some celanup.php they’ve used.. another info i found is that somehow joomla take-care of the ownership of the d*mned directory in question (some apache runtime that holding it so i can’t do chmod on it)

So, all of sudden, there’s this bright shining bulb above my head.. if joomla own s the directory than if i tell joomla to change its permission then it would work … ta da ….
Now the question is, how to tell joomla to get to do that, and there’s this lifesaver component that i’ve bump a while ago, its called JoomlaXplorer, and its work like a monkey dance on banana peel … :)

So if any of you have any problem with this kinda directory or folder ownership on joomla try the JoomlaXplorer.

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