bananaTALK | my wife’s weblog. I’ve promised her that i would write one two things about it. So here goes.
bananaTALK - the evolution


bananaTALK, the name is came up on my head just like that. When i decide to create a blog for her.


It about late 2004, after my wife’s graduation, and we’re expecting our 2nd baby boy, Daud (well off course we didn’t if its gonna be a boy again). At that state its quite definite that she couldn’t event try to apply for a job, and being me still working in bandung when she’s in jakarta is like a must that she need to find something(s) to do soon (even if its just merely things to keep her busy). And blogging, is one of good alternative that comes up (there’s this cooking-learning, or things more motherly but i thought it wouldn’t work :P )


bananaTALK, its spell with the mood like when you have those afternoon talk, or coffee break, or tea time, or some other easy talk, just a chit chat about something that close to our daily life in an easy air. And thats where we, i’m just acting as a assistant in this project, aim this blog would be.

bananaTALK, one of its ideas is comes from this dialog from Unleashed

Sam (Morgan Freeman) : “Food talk, all we have to do is understand its language”.

So in this blog, we’d like to show how to understand some of the “language” that used in consumer products (and in development medical treatment or products too), well basically just read the Disclaimer page and you’ll know. Actually, if its me, i want to show others how to understand different perspective, using the right eyeglass, or hat, or shoes, or … yes language in different areas … but to specially aimed those that close to our daily lives (esp. parenting) is not bad ideas … well actually its better. Its focused & more attractive in a way.

The (Inter)Faces


This 1st theme of bananaTALK is actualy a blatant conversion from Cubrick, the default wp theme. I go with the simplest-concise-obvious theme. Straight with big banana up on header. The tagline is BIG Blog : Banana Is Good weBlog.

Nothing fancy, just editing here and there, adding spice so the food is not too dull :P . This theme is only last for several months.






With the YellowSunrise i try to create something different from other blogs, the headerimg is not on the top, but its on the left side, with some of its to be on the background. The color is trying to convey message : Fresh, wide, spacey, and plus all the thing that morning could have.

The banana itself is quite subtle, its only showing its back (well lets say it is, even i could never win if you argue that banana doesnt have a back … :P ). More portion is the sunFlower, and Syifa (the cartoonic figure).

I’m trying to persuade the audience that the site is somehow quite fun, cherish, but we have some hope to reach from it. This theme is holding quite long as the interface of bananaTALK, about a year or so.


DoTheMonkey is actually an unfinished product, and even its agaisn’t my commitment to never publish an unfinished website but due to the things that over scheduled and my workload that seems to never ceased i had to published it. May God have mercy on my soul. Actually we’ve planned to change the interface of bananaTALK sometimes a go, along with it to considering changing the engine (we’re considering TXP , as my wife starting to getting a hold on (X)HTML.)

As expected from an unfinished product, bugs and glitches is considered as a feature :P . So, i’m fixing it with the harsh method, fixing it bit by bit, piece by piece. Not by trying to shoot the source of the problem but more to adding a patch and workaround so it work. So, the code is quite messed-up.

Actually the new look should be focused upon navigation system, the ease to navigate. And off course overall readability, legibility, and all the functional issues per page should be covered. The blog is going quite fat, with loads of post that (considerably) timeless articles (well at least not for this 3-5 years). Unlike other personal journal, that the post is quite have its expiration date (by nature, of those actual issues that based on the news or recent state or happenings).


On creating each Interface there’s countless trial and mockups on the paper, and quite sum of alternate design (some of it were actually full design compiled in xhtml+css ) that we decide not to use. For example is this and several others. As for me to create web interface is more than just create fancy menu bars or buttons, or flashy and eye candy web 2.0 gradients elements. As you could see from the evolution its have its own mission and flavours in each stage.

So,.. well even i say like : as written on the footer that its still on beta-overnight built so expect it to be replaced very soon (i hope :P ) , but actually it won’t be that instanous replacement … :P

Have a good life, and keep on smiling :)

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I like YellowSunrise the most!! A lil’ bit dissapointed when the theme changed..


March 21, 2007 8:39 am

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