I’m deciding to manage my social part in this digital existence. This mean i have to be able to tackle all those noises comes from several networks i’m following ( mostly twitter, also facebook, etc ), make them more tangible and easier to eat.

After googling several keywords here’s the scenario i decided :

  • Orsiso for the morning. For its great approach using circle of friends so i could categorize my twitter buds and keep up with the one i want and dump the rest
  • Seismic regularly, several times a day. Since this application featured multiple twitter account management
  • Digsby for the ticker. This app actuall does alot, from im, statuses, mail notification etc. So i’ll keep this app to run on bg for actual update. But i guess i’ll skip the email notification, it really distract my rhythm to know some email from a client comes in while im still working :P
    • Got any other suggestion ?

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