Recently i just done installing Sadish’s Worpress Theme ILove Music on one of my client site binaMuslim, running the latest WP 2.1.3.
There’s Aside implementation on the Theme, but unfortunately when i tried to used it it didn’t work. Here is the sympthomps :

  1. It did a good job eliminating the aside’s category from displaying on the main column
  2. But it didn’t display the right category on its block on the sidebars, but showing posts all categories instead

After several trial and error, i see in the functions.php that it still use the old WP 1.2 version of the_loop :
<?php if ($posts) : foreach ($posts as $post) : start_wp(); ?>

so i change it to something like this :
<?php if ( have_posts() ) : while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>

so including the query_posts part of the functions goes like this :

<?php query_posts("cat=" .$sideCatId. "&showposts=" .$NumPosts );
if ( have_posts() ) : while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>
<div class="post">
<h4 class="note"><em><?php comments_popup_link('(0)', '(1)', '(%)','',''); ?></em><a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" rel="bookmark" title="Permanent Link: <?php the_title(); ?>"><?php the_title(); ?></a></h4>
<div class="entry">
<?php the_excerpt(); ?><?php edit_post_link(); ?>
<?php endwhile;?>

And it works :)


bananaTALK | my wife’s weblog. I’ve promised her that i would write one two things about it. So here goes.
bananaTALK - the evolution


bananaTALK, the name is came up on my head just like that. When i decide to create a blog for her.


It about late 2004, after my wife’s graduation, and we’re expecting our 2nd baby boy, Daud (well off course we didn’t if its gonna be a boy again). At that state its quite definite that she couldn’t event try to apply for a job, and being me still working in bandung when she’s in jakarta is like a must that she need to find something(s) to do soon (even if its just merely things to keep her busy). And blogging, is one of good alternative that comes up (there’s this cooking-learning, or things more motherly but i thought it wouldn’t work :P )


bananaTALK, its spell with the mood like when you have those afternoon talk, or coffee break, or tea time, or some other easy talk, just a chit chat about something that close to our daily life in an easy air. And thats where we, i’m just acting as a assistant in this project, aim this blog would be.

bananaTALK, one of its ideas is comes from this dialog from Unleashed

Sam (Morgan Freeman) : “Food talk, all we have to do is understand its language”.

So in this blog, we’d like to show how to understand some of the “language” that used in consumer products (and in development medical treatment or products too), well basically just read the Disclaimer page and you’ll know. Actually, if its me, i want to show others how to understand different perspective, using the right eyeglass, or hat, or shoes, or … yes language in different areas … but to specially aimed those that close to our daily lives (esp. parenting) is not bad ideas … well actually its better. Its focused & more attractive in a way.

The (Inter)Faces


This 1st theme of bananaTALK is actualy a blatant conversion from Cubrick, the default wp theme. I go with the simplest-concise-obvious theme. Straight with big banana up on header. The tagline is BIG Blog : Banana Is Good weBlog.

Nothing fancy, just editing here and there, adding spice so the food is not too dull :P . This theme is only last for several months.






With the YellowSunrise i try to create something different from other blogs, the headerimg is not on the top, but its on the left side, with some of its to be on the background. The color is trying to convey message : Fresh, wide, spacey, and plus all the thing that morning could have.

The banana itself is quite subtle, its only showing its back (well lets say it is, even i could never win if you argue that banana doesnt have a back … :P ). More portion is the sunFlower, and Syifa (the cartoonic figure).

I’m trying to persuade the audience that the site is somehow quite fun, cherish, but we have some hope to reach from it. This theme is holding quite long as the interface of bananaTALK, about a year or so.


DoTheMonkey is actually an unfinished product, and even its agaisn’t my commitment to never publish an unfinished website but due to the things that over scheduled and my workload that seems to never ceased i had to published it. May God have mercy on my soul. Actually we’ve planned to change the interface of bananaTALK sometimes a go, along with it to considering changing the engine (we’re considering TXP , as my wife starting to getting a hold on (X)HTML.)

As expected from an unfinished product, bugs and glitches is considered as a feature :P . So, i’m fixing it with the harsh method, fixing it bit by bit, piece by piece. Not by trying to shoot the source of the problem but more to adding a patch and workaround so it work. So, the code is quite messed-up.

Actually the new look should be focused upon navigation system, the ease to navigate. And off course overall readability, legibility, and all the functional issues per page should be covered. The blog is going quite fat, with loads of post that (considerably) timeless articles (well at least not for this 3-5 years). Unlike other personal journal, that the post is quite have its expiration date (by nature, of those actual issues that based on the news or recent state or happenings).


On creating each Interface there’s countless trial and mockups on the paper, and quite sum of alternate design (some of it were actually full design compiled in xhtml+css ) that we decide not to use. For example is this and several others. As for me to create web interface is more than just create fancy menu bars or buttons, or flashy and eye candy web 2.0 gradients elements. As you could see from the evolution its have its own mission and flavours in each stage.

So,.. well even i say like : as written on the footer that its still on beta-overnight built so expect it to be replaced very soon (i hope :P ) , but actually it won’t be that instanous replacement … :P

Have a good life, and keep on smiling :)

I noticed it when i want to install themes for the Hydra Project Management. Here’s a list of what i’ve tried :

  1. Upload to server using FTP Client -> Didn’twork
  2. Trying to CHMOD the directory to 777 using :
    1. ftp Client -> not working
    2. cpanel -> chmod fails miserably
    3. since my hosting didn’t provide shell for me, i use the cron option on cpanel … after several tries .. its still failed
  3. sleep it a day …
  4. doing above again all over -> still not working
  5. then i hit google, after several minutes i hit these mambo forum that there’s some celanup.php they’ve used.. another info i found is that somehow joomla take-care of the ownership of the d*mned directory in question (some apache runtime that holding it so i can’t do chmod on it)

So, all of sudden, there’s this bright shining bulb above my head.. if joomla own s the directory than if i tell joomla to change its permission then it would work … ta da ….
Now the question is, how to tell joomla to get to do that, and there’s this lifesaver component that i’ve bump a while ago, its called JoomlaXplorer, and its work like a monkey dance on banana peel … :)

So if any of you have any problem with this kinda directory or folder ownership on joomla try the JoomlaXplorer.


credit stock images used :
waiting by ,

sedang nyoba bikin hand-crafted like image dari foto.
sebenarnya ini adalah cropping dari deviation ku di (wallpaper) … get the big image there..

Posting khusus untuk member ujiteb@yahoogroups,

Satu lagi jagoan ujiteb menikah,
kalau ada orang indonesia yg ngefans banget ama jepang, sampai melanjutkan kuliah di jepang.. tapi kemudian pulang dan menikah dengan orang indonesia … maka kemungkinannya adalah ?
- ga gaul makanya ga kenal cewek jepang
- ga laku
- seorang cowok yg sangat setiaaa kpd pacarnya yg dulu tlh menjalin hubungan sebelum dia berangkat ke jepang, sehingga dia bisa menahan segala godaan…
- (alternatif terakhir) asep… (well this one i dont know the right explanation for it myself .. :P )

faktanya :
Akan Menikah
Asep vs Bayu Alamsari

Tempat dan kejadian :
hari/tgl : Sabtu 09 September 2006
tempat : Rumahnya asep (coba cari pake google-earth)
waktu + kejadian :
>> 0900 Akad Nikah
>> 11-14 Makan-2

Berikut screenshot dari pps yg dia sebar-2 kan sambil bilang (ada titipan nih dari temen anggota ujiteb juga…. ih meuni kitu-2 teuing si akang teh … :P ) . Oh ya, leave comment here if you will :)
klik gambar untuk gambar yg lebih besar …

cast of character


peta lokasi

Like Monkeys, Babies Know Math ,… Hmm kata mereka memang Bilangan Asli (Natural) adalah ciptaan Tuhan. Yang lainnya (bilangan nol, negatif, imajiner, aritmatika, aljabar, etc) adalah kreasi (konvensi, kesepakatan) manusia.

SBY : Islam & Barat Tidak Perlu Berbenturan .. :) adalah natural kalo orang marah ketika kehormatannya diganggu. Tidak perlu barat, siapapun akan mendapatkan reaksi yang sama kalau menghina atau bahkan ‘hanya’ mencoba menggambar/melukis Nabi SAW. Dan, nabi Muhammad SAW adalah sesuatu yang lebih besar dibandingkan harga diri seorang muslim (All the moslem in the world would agree to this view).

Minggu lalu aku mencukur gundul Daud (anak ke 2 saya), mungkin untuk “bapak-bapak baru” mencukur rambut bayi (apalagi anak pertama) adalah hal yang menakutkan.
Though its my first time (si ibrahim dulu yang nyukur embahnya karena bapaknya lagi tidak dirumah :) ) i did this all by myself :smug: , soale mbahnya lagi pada sibuk dan ibu nya tidur kecapean karena semaleman anaknya rewel habis di imunisasi. Jadi seharusnya ini bisa dilakukan oleh siapapun, apalagi kalau proses mencukurnya disertai assisten (kalau rame-2 susah juga kale ..).
So, here is my experience on that so-called nightmare, semoga bermanfaat.

Latar Belakang :
Meskipun si BotakHebat baru di gundul saat berusia satu tahun, bahkan saat itupun rambutnya cmn bulu-2 tipis yg jarang-2, kasus tersebut tidak berlaku di adiknya. Sudah beberapa hari ini aku + mbahnya motongin rambut-rambut kusut dikepala si Daud. Jadi, setelah meeting dengan ibunya selama berjam-jam (yap, karena saya lagi weekend di Jakarta … ketemuan terus lah), maka diputuskan untuk mencukur gundul rambutnya yg mulai panjang (shg sering kusut – terutama bagian belakang kepalanya yg berinteraksi langsung secara intens dengan bantal).
Daud Sebelum Digundul

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Warning :
Tulisan ini merupakan re-post dari tulisan yg pernah saya tulis di (waktu itu bentuknya personal website bukan blog) dan tahun lalu.

Kenapa saya tulis kembali ?
saat ini saya diminta membuat powerpoint presentation untuk sebuah job interview, maka saya putuskan untuk mengulas Web Usability. Dan rencananya, akan saya tulis dalam beberapa post ke blog ini. So, untuk prolog, silakan dinikmati tulisan berikut.
Tulisan berikut cukup panjang, tapi menurut saya cukup scannable. Silakan di save dahulu ke komputer anda kalau anda pengguna DialUp, agar dapat membaca dg santai :) .

Menulis Untuk Web

Statistik menunjukkan bahwa 79% pengguna internet hanya men-SCAN halaman internet, mereka TIDAK membaca SELURUH tulisan halaman yang tampil dilayar monitor. Jadi kebanyakan user di internet hanya akan mencari beberapa kata-kata yang menarik, listing, bagan-bagan, gambar, dan lain-lain yang seringkali membawa topic yang sedang dibicarakan oleh artikel dalam sekian detik selanjutnya dia akan berpindah kehalaman lain.

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in Memoriam my Partner from Codena
Perkenalkan partner saya selama -+ 1 yg lalu, Hyundai. Notebook dengan resume sbb :

  • P4 1,8 GHz
  • 40 GB HDD Seagate
  • 512MB DDR 3200
  • dsb

Hyundai sebenarnya adalah whiteboxed/OEM notebook (G200 EG8L series – Quanta Computer Inc), yg kemudian direbrand oleh Hyundai M-Life. Beberapa saat yg lalu (sekira awal Desember 2005) dia mengalami gagal boot BIOS, tak lama kemudian gak bisa boot sama sekali BIOS nya.
Dengan penuh harap aku bawa partner kerja ku ini ke JayaPlaza, dan selama -+ 2 minggu dioprek ama teknisi, ternyata mereka juga angkat tangan. Tahu kan, notebook yg langka tentu saja amat susah spare partnya (apalagi biasanya kanibal an).
:Sigh: sekarang, ransel notebook di punggung ini berasa ringan, meski hati ini berasa berat… T-T

Links :

  3. English/User_Manual.pdf